Theme Park Insurance Information

Family entertainment is a serious business. Behind the rides and slides, every component of a machine or equipment has to be checked, double-checked and then checked again. Because leisure facilities such as theme parks present a different level of risk than other industries, making sure that your theme park insurance is up to speed could save you significant sums of money.

Long-Term Solutions

By their very nature, theme parks have more potential for public liability claims and finding top-notch insurance that comes with an affordable price tag can be difficult. The theme park cover you need should offer long-term solutions that also include basics such as public liability and personal liability insurance. Park owners may also need specialist insurance. Not only are there the regular hazards, such as fire and theft, to think about, but there is the constant risk to the public. In addition, there are environmental and health and safety to consider. The theme park insurance you choose needs to cover more than the potential loss of earnings if the dodgems break down.

Unwanted Surprises

At Park Insurance, we specialise in finding those out-of-the-ordinary insurance policies that are so often hard to find. Over two decades we have built up a network of contacts that can offer us watertight specialist theme park insurance policies at the most competitive prices on the market. And, given that many of our experienced staff used to work as underwriters for major corporations, there’s no chance of finding any unwanted surprises in the small print. In fact, we have such sway in the industry that we are able to negotiate amendments to many insurance policies, effectively creating new products for clients in niche industries.

While your theme park may be full of ups and downs, your theme park policy should be consistent and without any white-knuckle shocks. Put Park Insurance in charge of finding your insurance today – call us now.


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