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From late-night kebabs to noodles and naans, takeaways are a key feature of British culinary culture. Every business wants to give their customers the very best service, and that’s something that we at Park Insurance believe in too. For 30 years we’ve been working with the small and medium-sized businesses of Bristol and beyond to deliver customised, personalised takeaway insurance and takeaway driver insurance cover that’s tailor-made to suit their businesses. Fortunately, food also happens to be a passion of ours, so if you want to find out what Park Insurance can do for you, now is the time to call us.


Takeaway Insurance cover you can count on

At Park Insurance, we love our food. So we’ve been lucky enough to build it into our core business, giving us a unique insight into the challenges of running a catering business. In return, that allows us to create bespoke takeaway insurance packages that take into account the distinctive, everyday hurdles and potential problems that most takeaway businesses face.

The result is cover you can count on to protect you financially in the event of almost any eventuality. We use our position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s largest insurance providers to get you the best deals at an affordable price, too.


Takeaway shop insurance - Shows a fish and chip shopWhat cover do you need?

There is a complete range of cover available for takeaway business owners, including:

Personal Liability Cover – an essential if you want to protect yourself and your business against the legal costs of injury compensation claims.

Employer’s Liability Insurance – the only legally required form of insurance that you must have if you employ anyone, even if they’re a family member or only work part-time.

Commercial buildings and contents insurance – designed specifically for businesses rather than domestic properties, it covers your building and everything in it, from the cash register to your cutlery.

Legal protection – if you get dragged into a court case for compensation, or have a conflict with a landlord that requires legal representation then the costs can decimate your annual profits. Protect your finances with Legal Protection cover for just a few pounds a year.

Stock cover – this is slightly different from Buildings and Contents, as it covers perishable stock. So if your refrigeration system fails and you have to throw out hundreds of pound’s worth of stock then at least you can recover the costs with stock insurance.

Takeaway driver insurance – whether you’re insuring your drivers that deliver for your business or you’re self employed and delivering on behalf of a business, takeaway driver insurance is essential for keeping you protected on the road.


Other cover you may need

You can also include other additional protection such as Business Interruption insurance, money cover to protect on-site takings, and key personnel cover, which protects you financially if a key member of staff such as a chef leaves unexpectedly.

Takeaway businesses often provide a home delivery service. If you do then commercial vehicle insurance is essential if you run a fleet of delivery vehicles – whether they’re pizza delivery mopeds or vans.


Get a takeaway insurance quote

With so much to think about when you’re running a business, it pays to have professional, experienced advisers in your corner. At Park Insurance we’re you’re go-to people for expert advice on takeaway insurance. Get in touch today to find out more and to get a free, no-obligation instant quote.

An excellent quality takeaway soon becomes a firm favourite in the local area, and we know how important it is to maintain your reputation once you’ve worked so hard to build it. A great insurance policy gives you peace of mind to protect your reputation and allows you to build for the future. Below you can learn more about what your takeaway business might need.


What type of business needs takeaway shop insurance?

The classic British fish and chip shop and the popular pizzerias, kebab shops, Indian, Thai, Lebanese and Chinese restaurants aren’t the only establishments offering take-away services anymore. Thanks to the growth of food delivery apps – and changes caused by the pandemic – many more food businesses are now offering a takeaway and delivery service.

So, whether you’re one of the traditional takeaways or a café, restaurant, milkshake shop or deli now offering these services, a takeaway insurance policy can perfectly reflect your business requirements.


How is takeaway insurance different from restaurant insurance?

Restaurant insurance is usually designed for eateries that serve food to seated guests, and therefore a standard restaurant policy won’t necessarily fit your takeaway business needs.

Takeaway insurance considers the nature of the business – the fast pace, the high volume of orders, high-heat kitchen equipment, the glass frontage, cash in the till, your refrigerated and frozen stock and perhaps goods in transit if you have delivery drivers on the payroll.


Why is product liability so crucial for a takeaway?

Although your business will have public liability cover to protect customers should they hurt themselves or damage their property whilst picking food up from your takeaway or receiving a delivery, you still need product liability.

Product liability protects the food you serve or deliver, ensuring that you’re still covered for food consumed outside your physical premises. Should a takeaway cause food poisoning, the hot drink you served cause a burn due to its temperature, or even if your takeaway containers crack and cause an injury – product liability offers your business protection.


Can I cover multiple premises on one takeaway shop insurance policy?

Absolutely! If you’re growing your takeaway empire, each premise can usually be added to a single policy, leaving you with less paperwork to keep track of and consistent protection across each outlet.


Takeaway insurance - Shows a boxed pizzaCan I add takeaway driver cover?

Takeaway driver insurance cover is crucial if you hire delivery drivers within your business. It includes goods in transit cover, ensuring your food is covered when it’s out on the road. It can also usually include any vehicles the business owns used to make deliveries, ensuring breakdowns and accidents don’t keep you off the road for too long.

Park Insurance has had the privilege of working closely with the food industry for the past 30 years. It has become an area of expertise, and we always enjoy building relationships with food business owners. Our experienced, dedicated team of experts would love to hear all about your takeaway and help you find the perfect insurance cover to keep that business safe and secure.

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