Amusement Arcades Insurance Information

Amusement arcades are a staple attraction in many towns and cities and most seaside resorts across the UK. They offer families and friends an inexpensive way to enjoy time together and possibly win a little spending money. However, while they may appear to be simply rows of machines and equipment, their maintenance and repair can be extremely costly. In addition, there is a remote but possible chance that they pose a risk to the public. Isn’t it time you checked out your amusement arcades insurance policy?

Why have Amusement Arcade Insurance?

The main hazards in an amusement arcade are posed by the public. Over-zealous children or short-tempered punters can wreak havoc on what are very expensive pieces of machinery – and there will always be those who cause damage just because they can. In addition, there are the more standard considerations to take into account, such as fire and theft. Any one of these scenarios could cause a serious loss of income, as repairs are undertaken.

As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, there are more and more instances of children climbing inside arcade machines to get soft toys. While this may be rare, in the event that it happened in your arcade and a child was hurt – would your arcade insurance policy give you the cover you need?

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There’s no point taking a gamble with the business you’ve built up. Get the right arcade insurance policy by calling us today.

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