DJ Insurance

As a DJ it’s your job to keep the tunes playing and the heads bopping on the dance floor. But what do you do if your equipment breaks, or its stolen from your home or the back of your van? Unless your beatboxing skills are really something to rap home about then you may find yourself not only having to fork out for new equipment but forced to cancel upcoming gigs too.

Unless that is, you’ve already sorted out DJ insurance to cover your equipment, and your income. Park Insurance can get you sorted with all the insurance you need for peace of mind and security, and we don’t care whether you play Pendulum or Jive Bunny.

DJs – Get your equipment covered and more

Because you probably have audio and light equipment worth thousands of pounds, equipment insurance should be at the heart of your DJ insurance policy. We can help you get the right level of cover for the equipment you have and the way you use it, to ensure that you’re sufficiently covered but not paying over the odds.

Public liability insurance is another crucial aspect of insurance for DJ’s. Because being a DJ naturally brings you into regular contact with the public, liability cover is needed to protect you in the event that someone is injured or suffers loss because of your equipment or your actions. Such potential occurrences range from hearing damage to accidental electrocution and injuries caused by falling equipment.

As well as this, many venues will only book you if you have valid public liability cover.

Park Insurance – Tailored insurance for DJ’s

At Park Insurance we can create a DJ insurance policy just for you, with a range of other cover options available to protect your income and your business.

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