Personal Trainer Insurance

In your line of work, you understand the importance of keeping the client safe during their journey to improved fitness.  At Park Insurance, we can help keep both your client and your business safe with the right personal trainer insurance.

You motivate your clients to meet their own personal fitness goals in different workout locations, using a range of equipment and in doing so you’re faced with a range of potential risks.  If you’d like to learn more about how personal trainer insurance can safeguard your business against such risks, read through our frequently asked questions below.


Personal trainer insurance - Shows two woman working outDo I need fitness instructor insurance?

As many find out upon qualifying as a fitness instructor, jobs where you’re employed full time by a gym or fitness studio and are like gold dust! More commonly, instructors work on a freelance basis within these settings and very often they will need to have their own insurance.

If you work from your own fitness studio, or meet clients in their own home or outdoors, it is imperative that you insure yourself because accidents and injuries can occur even away from a busy gym environment.


Do you need public liability insurance as a personal trainer?

Absolutely! Public liability insurance is the key cover you need as a personal trainer.  It will financially safeguard you should a client or a member of the public become injured, or their property damaged whilst you’re working.

You may wonder how likely it is that a member of the public will become hurt, or their property damaged during your work with a client.  Although you’re fully focused on your activity, a member of the public may not be.  Think how easily they could trip on a piece of equipment you’ve place on the ground or fail to notice an activity you’ve asked you client to carry out, leading to a collision.


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    Two woman with a personal trainer in the gymIs professional indemnity included in personal trainer insurance?

    You can add professional indemnity to your personal trainer insurance policy and as a professional giving our fitness and health advice, it’s a very good idea to include this cover.

    Professional indemnity will protect you should the advice you give a client result in an injury or some form of harm.  If they hurt themselves performing an exercise you recommended or if a health issue can be proved to have been adversely affected by your advice, they could make a claim against you.


    Will my equipment be covered by fitness instructor insurance?

    We understand the costs involved in kitting out your own studio or buying portable equipment for remote personal training appointments.  You can add business premise and contents cover to your policy to help protect these assets.


    Personal trainer insurance - Shows a man deadliftingDo I need personal accident cover?

    Due to the physical nature of your work, it would be highly desirable to include personal accident cover in your personal trainer insurance policy.  This cover will offer you a financial cushion should you find yourself unable to work due to an injury sustained whilst personal training.

    If you employ other personal trainers within your business, we would also strongly advise including this cover, in case they become injured whilst working for you.  By law, you will also need to add employers’ liability to your policy if you hire people within your personal training business.


    I can I cover a vehicle under my fitness instructor insurance?

    Yes!  You can add vehicle cover to your insurance policy and making sure you have some robust cover in place is vital if your personal training business involves a lot of driving to appointments.  If you rely on your vehicle not only to get to your clients, but to transport your equipment, you want to be sure you can get back on the road as quickly as possible if something goes wrong.

    When you’re adding a vehicle to your policy, be sure to include coverage for the workout equipment your transport.


    It can be a daunting task trying to work out what insurance cover you need when you’re running your own fitness business.  At Park Insurance our team of specialists have been working with business owners for many years to meticulously curate perfect policies to meet their needs. Get in touch today for friendly, professional advice about personal trainer insurance.