Wedding Public Liability Insurance

A couple’s wedding day will stay in their memories forever. To ensure those memories are full of love, happiness, and laughter, taking out wedding public liability insurance means the sweetest day can’t be soured, whatever happens.

Weddings are often a time for guests to let their hair down as they celebrate the new marriage, and unfortunately, this can make mishaps a little more likely. If you are involved in organising a wedding as the bride, groom, parent, or wedding planner, this type of insurance can offer great peace of mind that should anyone be injured or property damaged on the day – you’re covered.


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What is Wedding Public Liability Insurance?  

Public liability insurance for wedding planners and hosts is a form of public liability insurance that deals with any claims made against you, as the organiser of the event, for injury to a member of the public or damage to their personal property. 

Being an event where high numbers of people may be attending, consuming alcohol, dancing, and spending time in an unfamiliar venue, accidents can happen. If a wedding guest trips and falls on one of the cables running to the DJ booth, or if a glass of red wine is spilt all over the venue’s cream carpet, the organiser will be expected to handle the matter financially. 

Although this type of insurance isn’t currently a legal obligation in the UK, there are reasons why it makes good sense to invest in a policy. If someone gets hurt at a wedding you’ve organised or if property becomes damaged, you’ll be expected to shoulder the cost of legally defending the claim and paying out for any related compensation. 

Personal injury claims can be very costly, and property damage could represent a heft outlay too. If you know you don’t have the finances to deal with such outlays, wedding public liability insurance offers you the ultimate safety net.

Many wedding venues now request that the bride and groom or wedding planner hold this type of cover before they agree to the booking or allow the event to occur on their property. 


How Much Cover Do I Need? 

This form of public liability insurance is usually offered between £1 – £10 million. Your preferred wedding venue will likely guide you, as they tend to have a set minimum they’ll require (often £2 million). 

The higher the level of cover you take out, the more expensive your premium will be. But, it would be best to consider the risk level associated with your venue. 


Who Can Take Out Wedding Public Liability Insurance? 

This type of insurance is designed for any individual who is classed as a wedding organiser. That could be one of the people getting married, a relative who is organising the wedding, or a professional wedding or events planner.  


What is Covered? 

There are numerous financial risks associated with hosting a wedding, and you must understand exactly what wedding public liability insurance does and doesn’t cover.  

As you know, it does cover claims of injury and property damage made by a member of the public, but it does not cover for other common wedding-related problems such as cancellations or postponements or being let down by the likes of a caterer, entertainer, wedding cake maker or florist.

If you’re someone who likes to cover all bases, you’ll probably want to have public liability for wedding insurance as part of a wider collection of covers. If you’re a professional wedding planner, offering such comprehensive coverage will be attractive to your clients.


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The best way to ensure your wedding organisation has all the financial protection it needs is by chatting with a trusted insurer. Park Insurance has decades of experience handling unique insurance needs, such as wedding planning. Whether you’d like insurance for one event or multiple weddings across the year, we can curate the right policy for you.

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