Showmen’s Vehicle Insurance

For the travelling entertainment community, vehicles are not just part of the lifestyle – they are an integral part of their business. Showmen’s vehicles are often custom-made or specially adapted to be able to transport large, irregular shaped fairground rides and stalls, and because of their high mileage and very specific requirements, ordinary vehicle insurance simply won’t provide adequate cover.

Fortunately, we can help. At Park Insurance we have teamed up with some of the UK’s largest insurance providers to offer showmen’s vehicle insurance that is specifically designed for your needs.

At Park Insurance, we put over 20 years’ experience and industry expertise to good use by sourcing comprehensive and affordable showmen’s vehicle insurance you can rely on. Our position as preferred brokers to many of the UK’s largest insurance providers means that we can use our extra buying power and influence within the insurance industry to find you the best deals with affordable premiums and plenty of extra cover.

Different challenges

We understand that as Showpeople, you face very different day-to-day challenges from other groups. The transient nature of the business means that you spend much of your time on the road. So the showmen’s vehicle insurance you have needs to reflect those challenges, and still be affordable. It also has to comply with all legal requirements and current vehicle licensing and insurance legislation.

The showmen’s vehicle insurance deals we source for you won’t penalise you because of the nature of your work. In fact, we specialise in putting together bespoke insurance packages that are specifically tailored to suit your exact needs.

Our showmen’s vehicle cover will take into account the type and size of vehicle you drive (whether that’s a long wheel-base van, a towed unit, or an HGV1), the type of cargo you will be transporting and your average mileage during your season. We’ll also factor in other variables such as where the vehicle is stored during the winter season, and the level of risk while out on the road or on site.

To find out more about our showmen’s vehicle insurance and for impartial, no-nonsense advice from one of our specialist advisors, call us today or fill in the form for an instant quote.

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