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Music is many people’s passion, but for the talented few, their skills in their chosen instrument bring the potential to make a living. Musician insurance allows you to carry out your unique business confidently, knowing you’re protected against a range of common risks. Only once you start earning your money as a musician will you learn where all the pitfalls lie – but with comprehensive insurance cover, your finances will be secured from day one.

A musician’s work schedule can be hectic, especially over the weekend. Whether you’re part of a wedding band or a touring musician, you’ll probably find you have to do a lot of driving and plenty of lugging your instrument and sound equipment in and out of venues. Keep your music business safe as you travel from gig to gig, with a tailored insurance policy. The right cover will ensure that whatever happens, you’ll be back hitting all the right notes in no time.


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What is liability insurance for musicians?

Liability insurance for musicians is a collection of covers designed to protect musicians who earn money by performing or teaching in some instances.

This type of insurance aims to financially protect the musician from the most common losses and claims associated with their line of work, including damage, loss, or theft of their instruments and equipment. Claims made against them by venues and members of the public for personal injury or property damage are also covered.


Who needs musician insurance?

Musician insurance applies to a wide range of musicians, and it doesn’t matter whether you perform classical music to a concert hall full of fans or play Indie hits on your guitar on the local pub and club scene each weekend – the associated risks are similar.

Whether you’re booked for a couple of gigs a month or have a busy calendar of performances, and whether you play at private parties and weddings, corporate events, entertainment venues, or out on the street as a busker, insurance is the cushion you need to keep your music business and the tools of your trade safe.

If you conduct music lessons in your home or as a visiting teacher, this type of insurance can also be tailored to protect you.

Although you have no legal obligation to hold insurance as a self-employed musician who doesn’t hire any staff, unless you want to shoulder the cost of claims or equipment replacement personally, this type of insurance is ideal for you.


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What type of cover is included?

The cover included in instrument insurance for musicians can go above and beyond simply providing cover for the instruments themselves.

  • Public liability coverage is an important component of the policy because it helps to encompass a wide range of common risks. You’ll call upon this cover if a member of the public raises a claim for personal injury against you. You may question how likely such an event is in your line of work, but consider scenarios such as an audience member tripping on the wires of your sound system and hurting themselves or someone falling over the instrument you’ve placed on the pavement as you unload your van or car. Furthermore, it’ll come into play if someone claims that you caused personal property damage. For example, the venue where you’re playing could claim your guitar case scratched its paintwork as you moved through the building and demand that you pay for the repair costs.
  • Music equipment insurance is a cover that can protect both your instruments and the equipment you use during your performances, such as microphones, sound systems, speakers, and lights. It is a vital cover to hold if you own expensive instruments or only have one item that you perform with. Consider the impact of the loss of your instrument or damage to your sound equipment on your upcoming work commitments. Avoid the stress and the financial losses associated with cancelled gigs and replacing equipment by including sufficient music equipment cover.
  • Employer’s liability cover is only needed if you employ members of staff – even on a part-time basis. If you pay anyone (who isn’t a direct family member) to help you during your musician work, UK law stipulates that you must hold £5 million in employer’s liability. If you hire a drummer or pianist to accompany you while you play or someone to drive you around and help with the heavy lifting, make sure you hold this cover.
  • Household cover can become an issue if you teach music to high numbers of students at home across the week. It’s always important to tell your home insurer if you run a musician business from home, or you could end up voiding your policy and leaving yourself vulnerable to significant losses. It may be possible to include the relevant household cover within your musician insurance policy, protecting your home when you teach.


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  • Professional indemnity may also be a consideration because it covers you should a customer accuse you of professional negligence that resulted in them making a financial loss. If a client refuses to pay or makes a claim against you because they’re unhappy with your work or claim your advice caused them harm in some way, you can defend the claim with this musician insurance cover.
  • Personal accident cover can take a weight off your shoulders if you have a packed work schedule ahead that you’ll rely on financially. If you hurt yourself and cannot perform, this cover can offer a reassuring safety net.
  • Travel insurance could be a handy addition for those musicians who are lucky enough to travel the world. It will help protect against losses while abroad that may not be met by standard music equipment insurance.


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