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Setting up your own pet business takes a true passion for animals. A business like no other, every day you get to experience the joys of working with a range of different breeds and wonderfully unique characters and temperaments. As a nation of pet lovers, your customer’s animals mean a great deal to them, and therefore you need pet business insurance that affords your business all the protection it needs.

Pet business insurance offers you the all-important public liability coverage, but it can also be tailored to meet the individual needs of your pet care company. From care, custody and control cover to personal accident and employer’s liability, the right pet business insurance will make sure all your bases are covered.


Who needs pet business insurance?

Whether you’re a part-time dog walker, a full-time dog groomer, a vet, a pet shop owner or a daycare or boarding service – this type of insurance makes good financial sense for your business. Turning to an insurer such as Park Insurance, which can offer a specialist and bespoke policy, means that your needs can be met whether you need pet and dog groomer insurance or comprehensive cover for a veterinary surgery.


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Why do I need public liability cover in my dog groomer business insurance?

Like all other pet-centred enterprises, dog grooming businesses will benefit from the inclusion of public liability cover. Suppose one of your clients claims that they sustained an injury because of your business or accuses you of damaging their personal property (with pets considered as personal property). In that case, you could be left facing significant costs.

In your line of business, accidents and damage can happen all too easily, thanks to the unpredictable nature of animals. Be it a dog in your care who chews a client’s expensive handbag, or a toileting accident on the floor of the waiting room that causes a member of the public to slip and hurt themselves, accidents can and do happen in the workplace.

Should a member of the public make a claim against you, public liability is used to cover the legal costs, along with any compensation you may be found liable to pay. Due to the nature of public liability claims, cover usually starts at £1 million, extending up to £10 million depending upon the individual requirements of the pet business.


I employ staff in my dog grooming business. What insurance cover do I need?

If you have employees working within your dog grooming or pet business, the current law in the UK states that you must hold at least £5 million of employer’s liability cover. This can be included in your dog groomer insurance or pet business insurance policy.

Even with sufficient training, employees working within a pet business could still find themselves experiencing a work-related incident due to the unpredictable working environment. If an employee claims against your company, employer’s liability will help cover legal fees and compensation.

It’s important to note even if you use volunteers within your pet business, you still need to secure this level of employer’s liability cover.


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What is care, custody and control cover?

In the unfortunate event of an animal in your care becoming injured or losing its life, care, custody and control cover (also known as custodial liability insurance) is used to manage any resulting claims made by the animal’s owner.

Should a dog become injured by the tools during a dog grooming session, or a horse escapes a livery yard and faces an accident on the road, the owner could make a hefty compensation claim against your business. To cover for all eventualities when an animal is in your care, this type of cover can give you great peace of mind.


Do I need to cover the products I use in my grooming business?

You may like to add product liability cover to your pet groomer insurance policy if your business includes the use or sale of any form of product. Product liability covers you for any damage or injury caused by a product you manufacture, use or sell within your business or that you supply to your customers for use at home.


Can I add contents cover to my pet business insurance?

Your pet business premises may contain equipment and stock that you’d like to protect. These may represent one of your most significant financial assets; therefore, it’s a good idea to include coverage for these.

Depending upon your needs, you can request coverage for portable tools and equipment, as well as those within your premises. Bespoke contents coverage ensures your contents, stock and equipment are protected against accidental damage, loss and theft.


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Do I need professional indemnity cover for my pet business?

If you give advice to your clients or provide a service to their pets, you put yourself at risk of having a claim made against you. A client could accuse you of causing damage or loss due to negligent advice, poor service, error or omission.

Taking out professional indemnity coverage allows you to run your business, offering your range of services and appropriate advice without fear of the financial consequences of a claim.


Does dog groomer insurance cover me if I get injured?

If you run your pet-related business single-handedly or act as the key player within your team, you may have found your stress levels rising when you think about what might happen to your finances if you’re unable to work.

It’s a sensible idea to include personal accident cover in your pet business insurance as this will protect your finances should you find yourself out of action due to an accident at work or elsewhere.


If you’d like to learn how to keep your pet business protected, whatever happens, get in touch with one of our experienced professionals at Park Insurance today. We love working with business owners and know that the best way to meet your insurance needs is to get to know you and your pet business. For a tailored approach that reflects your unique needs, give Park Insurance a call today.

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