Equine Insurance

Running a riding stable, livery yard or farm is a costly enterprise. Every asset, from a single saddle right through to the buildings, horseboxes and even the animals themselves, represents a major investment in your business. So make sure you protect those assets with the right kind of equine insurance from Park.

We’ve spent over 20 years working hard to make sure our clients get the best equine and livestock insurance, specialist cover and even basic necessities like Public Liability Insurance so that you have the peace of mind and protection you want. We use our experience, our expertise and our intimate knowledge of both the insurance sector and the equine and farming industry to bring you equine and livestock pet insurance that’s affordable, practical and gives you the cover you want.

We understand that you want to keep costs to a minimum, so we use our position as preferred brokers to search the market, finding the best equine insurance in the UK from hundreds of leading providers. And we’re here to help you with impartial advice and guidance any time you need us.

Our exclusive equine insurance packages can include a wide range of cover including:


Why you need equine and livestock insurance

While your vehicles may represent a significant investment in your business, you cannot run a stable without horses, or a farm without livestock. But unexpected vet bills, sickness and animal loss can result in significant outlay to rebuild your stock or strengthen your breeding stock. We never know what’s around the corner, and concerns such as bovine TB and even Foot and Mouth can devastate your business.

Protect your animals and your livelihood by taking out comprehensive equine insurance. UK providers are now offering an even greater range of cover for stables, livery yards and farms, so contact us today for friendly, impartial advice on all aspects of equine and livestock insurance.

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