Burger Van Insurance

Burger van insurance

Burger Van Insurance

Burgers are as popular as ever, and there isn’t an event in the country without a burger van on-site, offering up everything from the traditional cheeseburger in a bun through to gourmet bites made from buffalo steak. Whether you’re high end or cheap and cheerful, a side-of-the-road semi-static business or spend your summers travelling to cater at festivals across the UK, you need the right type of burger van insurance. And that’s where we can help.

Park Insurance – 30 years of experience

At Park Insurance, we have over 30 years’ experience providing the very best specialist insurance packages for our customers. And because we have a special interest in food and catering, we have that essential inside knowledge that means we can find the right deal for you. Thanks to our passion for food, our commitment to providing a local service for Bristol businesses and an expert understanding of the insurance industry, we have a unique insight into the challenges that small business owners face, especially in the catering industry.

We use our position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s largest insurance providers to custom-make burger van insurance packages that are tailored to your exact needs. And we make sure we do it on-budget, too, so you never end up paying more than you have to for comprehensive, specialist cover. That gives you peace of mind, financial stability and the reassurance that if things do go wrong, you’re properly insured and can get back on your feet again quickly and without any fuss.

What burger van insurance do you need?

Specialist vehicle insurance – ordinary van insurance won’t cover burger vans, because of the nature of the vehicle (flammable gas bottles on board, cooking equipment, etc). So it’s essential that you get the right type of vehicle insurance that is specifically designed for catering vehicles. Driving on the road without insurance is illegal and could cost you your licence and a hefty fine. (Make sure your licence has the correct category entitlement too, especially if your catering vehicle falls into the HGV category.)

Trailer insurance – if your catering vehicle is a towed trailer, then you will need to look for specific insurance that covers towed catering trucks. Third Party Towing Liability Insurance protects you against the financial cost of any damage you may cause to property or members of the public while towing a catering trailer, both on the road and on private land.

Public liability insurance – although not compulsory, at Park Insurance we strongly advise all catering businesses to take out the best Public Liability cover they can afford. This gives you financial protection against legal costs and injury compensation claims should someone be injured as a direct result of being in contact with your business (that can also include road traffic accidents).

Other types of cover you should consider in your burger van insurance package include:

Stock cover – to protect against the cost of replacing perishable goods in the event of refrigeration failure
Business interruption insurance – to keep an income flowing in if your business is out of action for any time due to events such as fire, flood or theft of your catering vehicle
Money protection – to cover the cost of any financial losses through theft of cash
Legal protection – to cover you against legal costs
Employer’s Liability Cover – a legal requirement if you employ anyone to work with you on your burger van, even if it’s only part-time.

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