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Bakers have always held a special place in the hearts of the British people. There’s something magical about the way a baker works, transforming dough and batter into delicious, comforting masterpieces. If you’re a baker, you’ll know just what your baking means to your customers, so to make sure no one is ever deprived of irresistible sourdough loaves, crisp macarons or squishy sticky buns, you need bakery insurance coverage.


A recipe for success

You’ve put in the hard work to establish a popular bakery. Your customers have come to rely on your products. Whether you’re a small independent bakery serving members of the public, or a large commercial outfit supplying food businesses, you need your bakery to function like the well-oiled machine it’s become.

Bakery insurance means that if something unexpected goes wrong, your business is protected, be it a broken oven or an injury claim made by a staff member. The right coverage makes dealing with these issues much more straightforward, and Park Insurance is always willing to rise to the challenge and prove our expertise in this field. We’ve been helping businesses in the food industry for over 30 years, and we know just how to curate the perfect policy for a bakery.


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What is bakery insurance?

Bakery insurance coverage is suitable for anyone who bakes for a living, whether from home, a bakery with a shop front, or a large commercial enterprise.

It offers public liability insurance to protect you should a member of the public make a claim for personal injury or property damage against the business. This is an essential cover if you have a shop front, if your customers come to your home to pick up your baked goods, or if you make deliveries.

Product liability is included to deal with claims for illness or injuries attributable to people eating or receiving your products. In addition to covering food poisoning or allergies, this cover also protects you against injury claims that arise from your packaging or the likes of burns if you serve hot baked goods.

Stock insurance can be included, ensuring that you can afford to replace your stock in the event of fire, theft or damage.

If you make deliveries, you can also take out goods in transit cover to protect your baked goods from loss, theft or damage while they’re out on the road and being delivered.


Will bakery liability insurance cover my staff?

It is a legal requirement to hold employers’ liability insurance if you hire staff in the UK. This is easily added to bakery insurance, and it will cover you should an employee make a claim for illness or injury against your business.

If you’re a small enterprise and your only employees are immediate family members, you won’t need employers’ liability insurance.


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Can I get insurance as a home baker?

If your home bakery business complies with all the health and safety standards and legal requirements, bakery insurance is perfect for you. Being a cottage industry doesn’t preclude you from all the risks of running a business, so you’re wise to take out insurance cover.


Will my baking equipment be covered?

A broken oven can be a disaster within a bakery of any size, while an issue with an industrial mixer can send the week’s profits plummeting. Your equipment, contents, fixtures and fittings can all be covered, giving your optimal peace of mind.


Can I insure myself as the key baker?

Key personnel cover will be ideal for you if you’re essential to the running and profitability of the bakery. Whether you’re head of a small team or are the sole baker within your business, if an injury or illness suddenly leaves you unable to work, your business may suffer immediately.

Key personnel cover can be taken out to offer the business financial support in these scenarios, so you won’t have to worry about the “what ifs” anymore.


How much will bakery insurance cost?

Crucial though bakery insurance is, we can understand that every expenditure in your business needs careful consideration. The good news is that you can curate coverage that reflects your needs while still being affordable.

All bakeries can choose their levels of public and product liability cover and stock and contents coverage. The higher the level, the higher your premium. Additional types of cover will all increase the cost but may be essential to the financial security of your business.


At Park Insurance, we consider ourselves true experts in this field, with a proven track record of supporting food businesses. We understand the unique nature and challenges of a bakery and would be delighted to share our knowledge with you to craft the bespoke, comprehensive insurance cover that your business deserves.

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