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With the British public being increasingly aware of the benefits of regular exercise and gym-fit bodies constantly gracing the covers of magazines, there is today an incredible demand for gyms. But we also live in a world of litigation and compensation claims, and so the gyms that are currently capitalising on this wave of fitness enthusiasm must also take the necessary steps to protect themselves against possible financial challenges.

Up to date and all-encompassing gym insurance is vital for any commercial gym, and when you get your policy through Park Insurance it’s easy to make sure that you have the right bespoke cover for your exact needs.

Gym Insurance from the insurance experts

We’ve been working in the insurance sector for more than 20 years, specialising in providing specialist insurance to niche sectors such as the health and fitness industry. So we understand not only the finer details of gym insurance, but how your business works too. We have helped countless business to get the gym insurance that’s right for them, at prices that make good business sense.

At Park Insurance we know that no one business is the same as the next, so we offer health and fitness industry insurance cover package that suits the scale and nature of your business.

Park Insurance – We understand your policy needs

We can provide a package that covers all of your insurance needs, so that your policy is simple, easy to understand and cost effective. You will of course require employer’s liability insurance in order to fulfil your mandatory legal requirements. Because of the nature of the gym space, injury is always a potential risk, whether it’s one of your staff or a gym user. But it’s a risk that you can protect yourself against by taking out public liability insurance cover.

We can arrange all of these policy aspects for you, as well as providing coverage for fire, theft of expensive gym equipment and any other risks that you feel are present.

Call us today to find out more about our gym insurance cover. Our experienced and friendly independent advisers will help you to better understand your policy requirements, and will find the most cost-effective option for your business.

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