Static Caravan Insurance

There’s something so special about a static caravan. If you use it as a holiday home, it’s more than just a place to stay: it’s your haven. You rest and relax here after busy periods and make new memories with family or friends each time you visit. Such an important home-from-home deserves financial protection, and static caravan insurance can offer you just that. No matter how you plan to use your static home, the right insurance can keep your asset safe. Read on through our handy guide to help you work out what cover you’ll need.


Do I have to have static caravan insurance?

There is no legal obligation to take out static caravan insurance, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s a great idea – not least because many caravan parks won’t allow you a pitch unless you have it.

Securing static home insurance ensures that you’ll be able to repair or replace your caravan should it encounter damage due to the weather, fire, theft or vandalism. It protects not only the significant financial investment that comes with buying a static home but also serves to maintain the lifestyle enhancement that a caravan offers you.


Static caravan insurance - Shows a scenic view of a holiday parkWhat type of cover can be included in static home insurance?

Luckily for static caravan owners, there’s a wide range of coverage to choose from, allowing you to feel completely satisfied that your caravan is protected. Typical areas of cover are:

  • Contents – you can cover the contents of your caravan, including furniture and your personal belongings.
  • Weather and flood damage – although storm and flood damage can hit any region, the popular coastal areas for caravan parks are particularly vulnerable to high winds and storms.
  • Theft – which can cover both theft from within the static caravan and theft of the caravan itself.
  • Home emergency – to help cover the costs of water, gas or electricity issues.
  • Public liability – a cover you will need if you intend to rent out your static home to holidaymakers.


I want to live in my static home full time. Do I still need insurance?

Though it’s not a legal requirement, it’s a very good idea to take out insurance. Just as you wouldn’t risk failing to insure a house and its contents, nor should you leave yourself financially vulnerable by leaving your static home uninsured.

If you plan to live there permanently, adding residence cover to your policy is important too, as failing to declare your permanent residency may affect future claims.


What isn’t covered by static caravan insurance?

It’s important to remember that your insurance won’t cover normal wear and tear, and failing to maintain your static home properly may also impact other claims you make. If you haven’t taken the necessary precautions to protect your plumbing from the colder weather and if your water and heating installations are old, you may not be covered for frost damage and burst frozen pipes.

Damage caused by insects, mice and other vermin will also not be covered, so make sure you take out the necessary protective measures, especially while the caravan is unattended.

If you’ve sadly experienced a theft, you will not be covered for any of your losses if you didn’t secure your static home properly.


Interior of a caravan - Static home insuranceIf I want to rent out my static caravan, will static caravan insurance cover this?

It’s crucial that you let us know if you’d like to rent your static home to holidaymakers. To protect you from claims made by members of the public, you’ll need to add public liability cover to your policy. If someone staying in your caravan hurts themselves within the caravan or their property becomes damaged, this cover comes into play.

You may also like to take out cover to deal with any accidental or deliberate damage caused by those paying to stay in your caravan. Key protection cover is also a good idea since lost keys are a common occurrence when you rent to holidaymakers!


My static caravan is in my garden. Will it still be covered?

It’s essential to let us know if your static caravan isn’t in a licensed caravan park; otherwise, your policy may be invalid. Many people use a static caravan on their property to act as an additional bedroom, a rentable holiday home or an office space. Get in touch with us if this is the case, and we can discuss your static home insurance needs.

Whether you own a high-tech static caravan with all the mod cons or have a much-loved older model, here at Park Insurance, we’d be delighted to help you protect it. Get in touch today to chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable insurance experts, and they’ll make sure you’ll be able to enjoy your static caravan with complete peace of mind.

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