Health Club Insurance

Gyms and Health Clubs are now an integral part of any town or city. With a surging interest in maintaining and improving their health, more members of the public are pounding the treadmill or pumping iron. While there are the obvious risks, Gyms and Health Clubs now offer more services than ever before and, if you own an establishment where people come to get fit, you need to be sure that you’re covered by a comprehensive Health Club insurance policy.

It’s not all about Weights…

Some of the potential hazards involved are easy to see. Equipment such as weights and running machines come with a certain amount of risk involved, no matter how small. But what if an equipment malfunction were to directly cause and injury – would your Health Club insurance cover you against being sued for legal and medical expenses? On top of the more traditional equipment, most clubs offer beauty services, such as tanning beds and hair salons. Although they’re not the first risks you might think of, there are eventualities in which people can become injured or ill as a direct result of using them. Does your insurance offer you cover against that?

Survival of the Fittest

Park Insurance has been uncovering those hard-to-find policies for over quarter of a century. Over that time, we’ve made some enviable contacts in the insurance industry and hired a team of professionals, many of whom who have worked as underwriters for major corporations. We specialise in finding unique and niche insurance products for people who need concrete cover, but at the best prices. We can also create bespoke packages that include everything from personal liability insurance and public liability cover to specialist health club insurance that is uniquely tailored to your business. Given our significant bargaining power, we can even negotiate favourable terms for many of our clients.

When you’re running a health club, there’s no need to leave anything to chance. Using Park Insurance to source your Health Club insurance cover can provide you with the best protection in an industry that depends on the survival of the fittest. Call us now.

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