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Park Insurance has designed a low cost flexible approach to self storage insurance. Did you know that many self storage companies do not provide self storage insurance for your household and domestic goods in their storage facilities?

Many of the self storage companies that offer their own self storage insurance tend to be expensive. We offer independent low cost and flexible insurance cover for all of your precious household and domestic goods. Our self storage insurance policy is highly competitive and designed specifically to cover goods in storage.  It’s completely flexible, which means we can tailor-make it to suit your specific needs, and at a very reasonable price..

Why is there a need for customer self storage insurance?

The answer is relatively simple, a customers stored property is not insured by the self-storage facility. Therefore, it is each customers responsibility to insure his or her stored goods.

What are the benefits of insuring with Park Insurance?

  • We provide you with a specialist and comprehensive insurance cover
  • Immediate cover is available
  • Competitive

Insurance storage tips

  • Protect all of the items you place in storage.
  • Keep your boxes off the floor.
  • Place heavy plastic sheeting over your property. Do not seal everything in bags where there is a possibility of mildew. Buy and keep DRI-RID or some other moisture absorber in the unit.
  • Place electronics in the rear of the unit.
  • Pack glass items in the rear of the unit.
  • Do not store valuables (things like jewellery, furs and money) in the unit. YOUR STORAGE UNIT IS NOT A VAULT.
  • Unless you are renting a climate controlled unit, do not store items that may warp or be susceptible to temperature or atmospheric changes.
  • Do not store flammable items or opened foods in the unit.
  • Buy an additional padlock for increased security by double padlock system.
  • Make an inventory of the items you put in your storage unit. Take photographs of the property you are storing. If you don’t own a camera, buy a disposable one and take pictures of the items you place in the unit. If you have a video camera, make a tape of your property.
  • Keep a copy of the inventory and pictures at home or someplace other than the storage unit.
  • Do not store receipts for newly purchased furniture or other items in the unit along with the items.

What does our self storage insurance cover?

It protects you against damage to, or loss of, your property from fire, earthquake, water damage, and burglary.

Won’t my home insurance cover my property?

Home insurance comes in many different forms. Some policies cover the property you have in storage, others don’t. Home insurance is issued at various levels of coverage. Also, some types of property may not be covered. Business property, for example, is usually not covered by Home Owners Insurance.

If you have questions about what your Home Owners Policy covers or the limits of coverage, check with your own insurance agent or read our guide to self storage insurance.


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