Personal Accident Insurance

Have you thought how you and your family would manage financially if you suffered an accident and were admitted to hospital, or worse, left permanently and totally disabled? With our Personal Accident insurance policy, you could receive valuable financial help at what would be a very difficult time.

Personal accident insurance is one of the most flexible products on the market; you choose the level of weekly benefit required, and this determines the cost of the policy. The most basic level of cover includes:

  • Permanent Total loss of Sight in One or Both Eyes
  • Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in Both Ears
  • Permanent Total Loss of Speech
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Loss of One or More Limbs
  • Death

Weekly payouts for Temporary Total Disablement depend on the level of cover chosen. Policies can be extended to include sickness cover for an additional premium.

Besides round-the-clock protection, you’ll also be covered for most amateur sports activities.

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