Horse Rider Insurance – What You Need To Know

horse rider insurance

Every year there are over 300 road traffic accidents involving horses according to Your Horse Magazine. Even if you don’t ride on the roads, injuries can occur at events or in the stable yard. And it’s not just the rider who can be hurt. That’s where public liability insurance for horse riders comes in. Designed for everyone who rides, even if you don’t own the horse you’re riding, it gives you peace of mind. It will cover the legal costs of any liability claims brought against you. And you can include other insurance add-ons for even more reassurance when you take to the saddle. Find out what you need to know today about horse rider insurance in our quick-read guide below.


Who can have horse rider insurance?

Horse rider insurance can be taken out for any age of rider, including young horse riders. The minimum age is normally five years old, and the maximum is 75 years old. If you need cover outside that age group, it may still be possible. Speak to your broker.


You don’t need to own the horse to take out insurance. Even if you have it on loan, you can still protect yourself financially from the things that can go wrong. Loaning a horse from someone else can be a significant factor in deciding that you want to take out insurance. That way, if there is an accident and there are vets bills to cover or the horse dies, you know can afford to reimburse the owner.


What is public liability insurance for horse riders?

Public liability insurance covers the legal costs you could face if someone makes a claim against you because of something to do with the horse you ride. It’s like third party insurance for your car, as it pays for any damage to property or personal injury that occurs.


Example 1: Your horse spooks at some plastic on the roadside and this causes a car to crash. The driver can sue you for the damage caused to the vehicle as well as injury to passengers.


Example 2: You are riding in the stable yard, and your horse kicks out at someone standing nearby. That person can sue you for any injuries sustained.


Example 3: You’re leading your horse to the show-ring at an event, and your horse suddenly shies and falls onto a car. The car owner can sue you for damage to their property.


Why do I need public liability insurance?

In today’s no win, no fee world, it’s easier than ever to sue someone for damages. Even if you are not found liable, the legal costs to make your case can quickly stack up. If you are found liable, compensation payments can be high, especially if an accident results in life-changing injuries.


Is horse rider insurance a legal requirement?

No, you don’t have to have public liability insurance to ride on the road, but most responsible horse riders do. Horse rider insurance could cost a lot less than you expect and can save you a lot of money in the long run.


What else does it cover?

Horse rider insurance can cover a wide variety of risks in addition to public liability. To make sure you’re getting the best price horse insurance, look for a tailored policy, so you’re only paying for what you need.


  • Vets bills. Covering emergency treatment following an accident if the horse is on loan. If you own the horse, you might want to take out insurance to cover any treatment that is required. This means you won’t be faced with unexpected large bills.


  • Death or theft of the horse. Whether you own the horse or pony or it’s on loan, this insurance pays a lump sum if the horse is stolen or dies.


  • Personal accident. If you have an accident when you’re riding that prevents you from working, personal accident insurance for riders will provide financial compensation.


Other insurance for horse riders

There are other types of insurance designed for horse riders and owners. Sometimes you can save money by purchasing these insurances together as a package deal. Consider if you need:


  • Landowners insurance. This is a type of liability cover for your fields, including field shelters and stables. It covers the land and certain structures, such as gates or field shelters, against damage. For example, a fire. It also pays legal fees if a member of the public is injured on your land. For example, a walker is kicked by your horse, or they fall and hurt themselves in a hole in the ground. This type of insurance is particularly helpful if you have a footpath across your land. But remember, members of the public can sue you even if they don’t have permission to access the land if they can prove that you have not taken all necessary care to prevent an injury.
  • Tack insurance. Tack doesn’t come cheap, and it can be a prime target for thieves. Protect your investment with tack insurance.
  • Horsebox insurance. If you drive a horse lorry, you’ll need specialist horsebox insurance to drive on the road legally.
  • Horsebox breakdown cover. Breaking down is always stressful, but it’s even worse if you have your precious horses in the back. Specialist horsebox insurance offers peace of mind that you’ll be helped quickly. If your horsebox can’t be fixed, you and your horses will be transported somewhere safe. Remember, ordinary car breakdown insurance won’t provide help for your horses if you’re towing them in a trailer.


Call Park Insurance for the best price 

At Park Insurance, we tailor-make the right insurance package for horse riders at the best price. We’re a family-run firm with 30 years experience and in-depth knowledge of the specialist needs of riders and horse owners. As an independent insurance broker, we’re free to shop around the UK’s best insurance companies. That means we’ll find you high-quality insurance at high-street beating prices. Call our equine team on 0117 955 6835 or get a free quote today.

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