A nomination from Park Insurance helps secure a £1000 Award for the Jessie May Trust

We all have charities that are close to our hearts, and at Park Insurance we’ve been actively supporting local community-based charities for over 30 years. That support has proven to be hugely important for one particular local charitable organisation, who as a result of the support they’ve received from Park Insurance have just landed a £1000 award.

The Jessie May Trust is a Children’s Hospice at Home service that cares for terminally ill children, providing essential respite care for parents, emotional support, and end-of-life care to some of the most vulnerable young people in Bristol and across the west of England. Their vital service means that dying children can spend their last precious weeks and months at home with their families, rather than in a hospice.

A Movement for Good Award to help care for sick children

As with all charities, they rely on the generosity of supporters and grants to keep going. Because of the Coronavirus emergency, and like thousands of other charities across the UK, the Jessie May Trust has been struggling to keep the money flowing in to pay for their essential work. However, thanks to a nomination by local insurance company Park Insurance, they’re now celebrating a boost to their funding from the Movement for Good Awards of £1000.

“We’ve always been a community-focused company, which means we actively support local businesses, charities and organisations as much as we can,” explains Marc Loud, managing director of Park Insurance. “The Jessie May Trust is a hugely important organisation for so many local people, so it was our pleasure to nominate them to the Movement for Good Awards. It’s so rewarding to see the Awards recognise the Jessie May Trust, and to feel that this little local charity is worthy of support. The money will help this wonderful organisation to carry on delivering an absolutely vital service to the community every single day,” he adds.

A local charity that deserves support

The Movement for Good Awards give eligible charities in the UK and Ireland financial awards that go towards operational and running costs. When they received the nomination from Park Insurance, the Awards committee saw straight away the support that this local charity has within the community, and that that the Jessie May Trust was more than deserving of the Award.

The £1000 will go towards supporting their work providing essential help for some of the sickest children in the region. At such a frightening time for parents with sick children, it means that the Jessie May Trust team can continue to look after vulnerable children in their homes, and keep them shielded and out of hospital during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bringing the community together

“In such a challenging time it’s more important than ever that we all come together to care for those within our community that need the most help,” says Marc. “We will continue to support the Jessie May Trust in every way we can, and are so pleased that in such dark and frightening times, there is such a real sense of community in Bristol. It gives us hope for the future, and that great organisations like the Jessie May Trust can continue to deliver essential services to those who need them the most,” he concludes.