11 websites that horse owners need to know about

Whether you’re regularly competing or just enjoy hacking out, owning or loaning a horse is life-enriching. It keeps you active, so you’ll enjoy benefits to your physical health. Riding is great for your mental health too. But owning a horse also brings with it a huge responsibility. You need to ensure your horse is cared for properly, with the right nutrition and you must take the right action if something goes wrong. You’ll also want to make sure you have all the right kit for your horse’s comfort. And you need training tips to help you get the best results if you’re heading into the competition arena. There are other things to think about too. For example, you need to know what to wear when you’re riding in the rain or attending a horsey event.


Luckily the internet is a huge source of advice and information on everything to do with your horse and riding. To help you to find the best websites that horse owners need to know about, we’ve scoured Google to bring you our top pick. From inspiring blogs to essential horse information and event news, read on to see which ones you’ll bookmark.


Your Horse

The trusted website of Your Horse magazine is a great resource for anyone interested in horses and ponies. It’s ideal for anyone new to caring for a horse as well as more experienced owners. You find a large section devoted to expert advice, covering everything from feeding to how to improve your riding.


Search for tips on improving your confidence or learn to understand your horse better with guidance on horse behaviour and expressions. You can rest assured that a lot of the content is written by real experts, including vets. There’s a large question and answer section covering all the biggest issues. And you can search the site to find the right information as quickly as possible. As well as reading written articles, you can sit back with a cup of tea and watch the choice of videos on everything from improving your position in canter to how to stay safe hacking. There’s even a fun section too, with quizzes and competitions, when you want to relax. Because after a day out hacking on the moors, there’s nothing you like better than to sit back and test your equine knowledge!


The British Horse Society

The British Horse Society is the UK’s largest equestrian charity and offers a handy source of up to date news and information you can trust. You’ll discover lots of useful information on must-haves like horse passports and laws to help you meet your legal responsibilities. There’s also a large section devoted to horse health. Here you’ll find clear, expert advice on conditions ranging from laminitis to strangles as well as information on what action you need to take. A few minutes taking a look could save you a lot in vet bills or more importantly, could help to save your horse’s life.


If you prefer watching than reading, check out the video library on the site, which takes you step by step through essentials. If you want to know how to clean a bridle or the right way to take a horse’s temperature, this is your essential resource. Or watch how to fit a saddle to be sure your horse is comfortable and get the best out of them in the show ring.


There are other practical resources available on the site too. For example, if you’re looking for an approved livery yard, you’re in luck. The British Horse Society website is the place to find BHS approved yards by postcode, with over 1,000 listed.


Horse and Hound

Horse and Hound is one of the top publications for horse owners and riders and the website shares a huge amount of information on all things horse. Stay up to date with the latest news that’s relevant to you and your horse. Or read expert opinions on the biggest issues in the equine world. As well as interesting articles, features, and news, you’ll also find horses, horseboxes, and other horse equipment for sale. You can check out the events section to find competitions near you and make a date in your diary. And watch videos on everything from funny moments to training tips.


There’s also the chance to connect online with other horse owners on the Horse and Hound Forum. Here you can ask questions about anything and everything to do with horses and riding. You can also help others by sharing your experiences. Subjects range from veterinary and hoof care to breeding, making this a comprehensive resource when you need specific help and advice. For really detailed information on horse health issues, you can also head to the Vet Library section. Look for advice on problems and the best treatments available. Or if it’s your riding skills that need attention, take a look at the horse and rider training tips. Whether you want to pick up extra marks in the dressage ring or want to cut your time penalties on the cross-country course, you’ll get advice from the country’s top riders.


How Very Horsey

Nominated as the equestrian blog of the year, How Very Horsey combines coaching tips, news, and views. Author Daisy Smith comes from a long line of horsey family members, with Granddad Douglas Marks a successful racehorse trainer, Dad Martin O’Halloran an accomplished National Hunt jockey and Aunt Kelly Marks founder of Intelligent Horsemanship.


If you want to read interviews and get personal opinions on all aspects of owning a horse, this is a site worth visiting. It’s also a great choice if you’re trying to gain more confidence. That’s because the blog includes personal accounts on how to be more positive as you ride into the ring. So if this is the year that you want to try to change your mindset, give it try.



The RSPCA is the UK’s largest animal welfare charity and has a section on its website devoted to horses. On it, you’ll discover lots of advice on keeping your horse healthy and happy.


If you’re new to the world of horses, this website could be a great place to start finding out what’s involved. There’s clear guidance on providing a suitable environment for your horse or pony as well as information about feeding. If you’ve not yet taken the plunge to buy a horse, use the buying guide to discover the likely true cost of ownership to make sure it’s for you. There’s also the option of rehoming or fostering a horse on the site.


Equestrian Stylist

Get your daily dose of the latest equestrian style at Equestrian Stylist. This USA-based online guide shares the latest trends for men, women, and children. You’ll find tips on what to wear in and out of the saddle, including the definitive guide on what to wear to top horsey events, from Royal Ascot to the polo. There are also sections for giving your home a horsey-makeover too as well as gifting ideas and other inspiration. Read the blog to discover the top international equestrian events or discover beautiful equestrian art and Q&As with artists about their work. The site is beautiful to look at as well as informative, with even more stunning pictures and inspiring ideas over on Instagram too


The British Horseracing Authority

If you’re involved in the sport of horseracing, the British Horseracing Authority website is packed with essential material for you. From fixtures to regulations, this is your one-stop-shop. There’s handy information if you’re thinking about becoming a jockey as well as all the rules of racing.


You’ll find a section dedicated to stewards’ reports as well as results. And there’s information on the 60 racecourses up and down the UK. There’s also a handy trainers’ map and database if you’re looking for a trainer.


The Horse

Search over 25,000 articles on the USA-based The Horse website. It’s a huge resource for advice on all aspects of horse care. Subjects cover essentials like dealing with colic and equine dental care. There are opinions on things such as how the right horse-shoe can improve the way your horse moves. You can get advice on first aid. Or find out ways to save money at the stable. As well as more basic information, there’s detailed knowledge from experts on specialist areas, including sports medicine for performance horses and horse breeding, from initial planning through to foal care.


If you prefer to listen than read, there is also a choice of useful podcasts you can download to listen to next time you’re mucking out. Get advice on everything from cleaning your horse blankets to feeding asthmatic horses straight in your ear.


British Eventing

British Eventing.com gives you the lowdown on all things eventing. From upcoming competitions and results to training courses get the information you need. Then browse the classifieds to see if there are any horses for sale that take your fancy.


There’s also a useful news section, so you can stay up to date on the biggest issues for the industry. If you’re just getting started in eventing, there’s a handy guide outlining what you can expect and how to make an entry. And if you’re trying to improve your results, take a read of the rules on penalties using the link to the online BE Rules and Members’ Handbook.


Horse and Rider UK

Head over to Horse and Rider UK to find a great choice of articles and videos on everything to do with horses and riding. Discover Pilates exercises that can help to improve your position in the saddle or get tips for dealing with fussy eaters. If you’re looking for horsey chat, join the forum, where you’ll find a wide range of topics discussed, from your favourite horse books to answers to your pressing questions in ‘ask an expert.’ There are also plenty of great prizes to be won in the competition section and you can share your experiences in surveys. There’s even a classifieds area with horses for sale and for loan for when it’s time to find a new steed.


The gear guide on Horse and Rider UK is an essential if you want to buy right first time. It will help you sort through the wide range of products available for you and your horse, to get the right thing for you. From wet-weather breeches and competition shirts to the latest technology, discover what’s new or use the buying guides to compare what’s available.


Park Insurance

Check out the blog at Park Insurance to get top tips on everything from buying a horsebox to microchipping. There’s also handy information on what types of insurance you need for your horse, tack and equipment. And you’ll find tips on getting the best price on essential cover. It might not be the most exciting part of horse ownership, but equine insurance is arguably one of the most important. It’s well worth taking the time to discover your legal responsibilities when you tow a horsebox. And you can find out how the right insurance can help you to keep down costs in the long run.



Owning a horse can be a particularly rewarding, fun and enjoyable experience. So it’s hardly surprising that there are so many horse owners out there. The great thing is that today in the digital age there’s also a thriving online community of horse owners and experts. These make it easy to gain access to a wealth of essential information.

Actually finding these sites can be difficult though, so to help you save time and effort, we’ve compiled some of the best websites for horse owners above. Now you’ve read our pick of resources to find out about upcoming horse events, horse-related news, and advice on owning and caring for a horse, you can enjoy every moment with your horse even more.


This article was originally published in March 2015. It has since been completely updated to provide you with the best and most accurate information.