Sign Writing on Vans – What You Need to Know

You know that to succeed in running your business, you need to make the most of every opportunity. If you use a vehicle (or run a whole fleet) it can be more than just a means of getting from a to b. Your van may be seen by 3,000 potential customers an hour in busy locations like London or other cities. So advertising your company details on the side of your car or van is a cost-effective boost for your marketing plan. However, some business owners are still put off by the potential negative aspects of having details on the side of their vehicle.

To make it easier for you to decide if it’s right for you, we’ve put together this guide. We share everything you need to know about van signage, from how to do it well to van insurance implications.

What are the benefits of signwriting my van to advertise my business?

The biggest benefit of putting details of your business on the side of your van is that it gets your business seen. If you’re often driving around a busy town or city, your van will be seen by thousands of potential customers every day. According to research published by 3M, your vehicle can be viewed by more than 3,000 potential customers an hour in heavy traffic areas like London.

How do I get my business name on my van?

There’s a number of ways that you can add your business details to your van. Using simple vinyl lettering can be cost effective. You can remove vinyl lettering when you want to, which can be a real perk if you want to you’re your van on. Just make sure you double check that the adhesive being used to fix it in place will protect paintwork underneath. You may also want to bear in mind that paintwork surrounding the lettering could fade.

Another option for van signage is having a vehicle wrap. These can look very professional and allow you to create an extremely eye-catching design. You can have the whole vehicle wrapped or just a section.

How much does it cost to get my business name on my van?

The costs depend on the size of the vehicle, type of design and materials used. But as a general guide, a medium size van will cost around £1,500 +VAT for a wrap. Vinyl lettering starts from a few pounds.

Is it worth the cost of vehicle graphics?

The benefits of advertising your services are at their greatest if you work directly for the public. If your work is purely subcontracted by other businesses, you’ll see less of a direct benefit from advertising your business on your vehicle.

What information do I need to put on my van?

The key things to put on your van are your business name / logo and contacts details. This could include a telephone number, email, and website. Most people have a phone in their pocket and can easily snap a shot of your van to use the details at their convenience.

If your business name does not make it clear what service you provide, it can also be worth including your strapline or a line about what you do. For example, if you’re a tree surgeon but your business name is your own name, it could be worth including a list of the services you offer: such as tree surgery, felling, pruning, crowning, maintenance, planting.

Where is the best place for advertising my business on my van?

If you can only afford to add your business details in one place, make it the rear. That way, any vehicles behind you, for example on the motorway or in a traffic jam, will see your message. If you have more cash to spend, add your business details to the sides and front of your vehicle.

Dos and don’t of signwriting designs

It can be tempting to let your creative juices flow. But remember your vehicle represents your business. Try to create an eye-catching design that is not too complicated. And don’t let the creative design take over from the important bit: getting your business contact details out there.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at this selection of wraps on all sorts of vehicles.

What makes some business hold back from signwriting vans?

Some businesses prefer not to advertise on their vans as they feel it could make the vehicle a target for thieves. Builders and other trades that keep expensive tools inside the vehicle are particularly concerned about this. However, robust van insurance and following basic advice on keeping your van safe from thieves can both reduce the risk of theft.

For example:

  • Don’t leave your tools in your van overnight.
  • Try and park your van on a busy road or under a street light.
  • Install extra locks and security devices to make it harder for thieves.

If you want to make the most of advertising on the side of your vehicle but are still concerned about advertising the contents, a magnetic sign can give you the best of both worlds. This sign can be put in place whilst you’re driving then quickly and simply removed when your vehicle is left unattended. Magnetic signs cost from around £20.

What are the insurance implications of signwriting my van?

There is another consideration regarding insurance and signwriting your van and that is that you’ll need to factor in the cost of your wrap within your vehicle valuation. You’ll also need to make sure that your insurance company is aware that your van has had this modification. If you don’t, and you make a claim, your payout may fall short of the amount you need.

To make sure you’re covered, speak to your broker.

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