Single / One Off Event Insurance

The to-do list for a one-off event is lengthy, but an important task to check off as soon as possible is securing insurance. One-off (or single) event insurance gives you the peace of mind that your financial interests are safe, so rather than worrying about what might go wrong, you can focus on crossing tasks off your list and hosting your best event to date.

Single event insurance not only provides you with the all-important public and employers’ liability cover, it can also protect you against venue and equipment damage, postponement or even cancellation.  The following information will help familiarise you with all the important details about one off event insurance, leaving you prepared for all eventualities.


One off event insurance - Shows a bunch of event ticketsWhat is single event public liability insurance?

Public liability cover is included within single event insurance.  This cover offers you protection if a claim is made by a member of the public who attended the event.  If an attendee hurts themselves or their property becomes damaged, they can make a claim against you, as the organiser.

Public liability insurance can be set to offer coverage of up to £10 million. The level of cover is generally calculated according to the number of attendees expected at your event.

Are you hiring a venue for your event?  Though it’s likely that this venue will have its own public liability insurance, you will still need to take out your own as well.  The venue will deal with any claims from the public that can be attributed to negligence on their part, such as an attendee scalding themselves on the water in the venue facilities.  Your public liability will be used to handle claims arising from the event itself, such as an attendee tripping on cables from the equipment you’ve hired in.


What type of events can be covered by one off event insurance?

The size of your event doesn’t really matter when it comes to single insurance because the defining feature is that the event is a one off.  So, whether you’re holding a small wedding or party with less than 50 guests or are holding a much bigger one day event such as a food or music festival or a DJ event, single event insurance is the right policy for you.


Single event insurance - Shows a member of event staffWe are employing staff at the event; will they be covered?

Your one off event insurance will include employers’ liability insurance, a type of coverage that protects you should an employee make a claim against you.  It is a legal requirement in the UK that employers’ liability insurance is taken out if you are paying people to work for you. It is also necessary if you’re using volunteers (who aren’t family members) at an event.

Even if you’re only hiring staff members for a few hours for this particular one-off event, you must have employers’ liability insurance.


What happens if my one-off event is cancelled or delayed?

A cancelled or postponed event is every organiser’s worst nightmare, and though you may be left with much work in the aftermath of this unfortunate outcome– you do not have to be left out of pocket.  Cancellation, postponement or abandonment cover can be added to a single event insurance policy to guard against financial losses.

If you’re organising an outdoor event in the UK, you might like to discuss adverse weather coverage too. Then, the unpredictable British weather won’t be able to impact you financially, even if it interferes with the running of your event.


How long does my single event insurance need to last?

If you’ve oragnised a one-off event before, you’ll know how long the set up and clear down can take.  One off event insurance therefore rarely covers only the day of the event.

Several consecutive days of coverage are generally offered (and the exact length of time can be negotiated), allowing you to be protected whilst you set up and tidy away the event as well.


At Park Insurance, our friendly, experienced insurance specialists will be just as keen as you are for the event to be a great success.  Our team has years of experience protecting one-off events and they’ll be delighted to hear from you to discuss your special day.