Getting To Grips With Your Ice Cream Van Insurance Quote

ice cream van insurance quote

Getting To Grips With Your Ice Cream Van Insurance Quote

Raspberry ripple or caramel crunch? Deciding which flavours will be the top sellers this year might be top on the list of your things to do, but if you’re a mobiler, don’t neglect the essentials like your ice cream van insurance quote or you could leave your business open to major risk.

When it comes to insuring your ice cream van there are several things to consider.

1) Vehicle insurance

Firstly you need cover for the vehicle itself to make it road legal. Standard domestic van insurance won’t do – it has to be specific business cover and needs to insure you against the potential costs of an accident or theft from repair and replacement to legal costs. If you don’t insure your vehicle, not only could you be faced with a hefty payout if something unfortunate does happen, but you could also see your van being towed off by the police, as happened to a hapless driver in Camden last summer. The seizure sparked a series of humorous tweets, including “Driver melted under questioning, flaky answers.” Jokes aside, it really was no laughing matter.

2) Equipment insurance

Because your van is also the place where you do your business, you need to insure the equipment inside as well, which could be damaged in an accident or be targeted by thieves. That can include things such as fridges and tools. It’s really important because a lot of your equipment is specialist and could be costly to replace. For example, the chimes of your ice cream van may be the sound of a British summer for most of us and an absolute essential for your business – but with prices starting in the hundreds, they don’t come cheap.

3) Stock

One of the best things about your ice cream van business is there is normally very little waste as ice-cream normally has a long shelf (or freezer) life. As well as insuring your equipment for failure you can cover your stock value, so your costs are covered if it becomes unusable thanks to equipment failure.

4) Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance may be an extra you’ll want to consider. Whilst it’s not an essential, you’ll be glad you have it if you’re injured or your business is unable to operate because your van has been stolen or damaged, especially if that happens on the hottest weekend of the year!

5) Liability insurance

Public liability insurance will protect you and your business from claims from the public in the case of anything happening, and is a legal essential for anyone operating an ice cream van. You might also want to consider Employers liability insurance if you have anyone working for you as this can help to protect you from potential compensation claims from employees.

Getting the most lolly from selling lollies

With sales being so dependent on weather, and the ever-increasing licence, fuel and tax costs, saving money on your insurance can really help your profits.

Shopping around is the key to getting the right ice cream van insurance quote – and remember that the cheapest deal might not always cover everything you need so be sure to check the policy details. If you’d rather be on the road selling than on the phone shopping around use a broker with access to specialist catering business insurance providers, who will understand your individual business needs.

Trust Park Insurance to get the right ice cream van insurance quote for you

We understand that every ice cream van business is individual. We have experience in the catering industry and excellent professional contacts, enabling us to secure some great deals for our customers by tailoring your ice cream van insurance to your specific needs.

They say when the sun is shining its time to make hay– and it’s the same for ice cream vans. When the weather is hot you need to be out there selling. According to the Ice Cream Alliance the average person in the UK eats nine litres of ice cream a year – and you want them to be buying it from you!

We know that hanging around trying to sort out a lengthy ice cream van insurance claim will cost you big. So we offer a 1-2-1 service, with a dedicated handler to help you quickly get back up and running in the case of an accident or loss.
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