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Drone InsuranceIf there is one piece of technology that has exploded in popularity in recent years, it’s the drone. No longer just a toy for kids, these technologically advanced pieces of equipment are now being used for a wide range of purposes, from aerial photography and geological surveying to advertising.

But while they might be popular, they’re certainly not cheap! So at Park Insurance, we’ve moved with the times to bring our clients the best choice of drone insurance available on the market today, for both commercial and personal use drones.

Why take out drone insurance?

Drone insurance, also known as UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle insurance, usually covers the drone both while in flight and in transit. The unfortunate fact is that no matter how careful you are or how experienced at flying unmanned aerial vehicles you may be, there will be times when your drone suffers from a hard landing or crashes.

Alternatively, the drone may be damaged in transit, or suffer from electrical problems that can affect onboard equipment such as cameras. All of this can be very expensive to repair, with larger drones running into thousands of pounds to replace. If you have a business that relies on a UAV then this can seriously impact your operations and, consequently, your income.

Because of the controversy surrounding the use of drones in civilian areas, it is also wise to include public or personal liability insurance too. This makes sure you are protected against any claims that may be made as a result of the drone crashing and damaging or injuring a third party or their property.

Do you need permission to fly a drone?

If your drone weighs less than 20kg then as long as you are not flying it for commercial reasons, or do not fly it in restricted areas such as within the boundaries of an airport or at least 150 meters from congested areas, you do not need to comply with any licensing restrictions. However, if your drone is larger than 20kg then you will need to get permission to fly from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in accordance with Article 166 and 167 of the Air Navigation Order 2009. In this instance, drone insurance is essential.

How Park Insurance can help 

Our experience in finding the very best insurance deals for our customers over 20 years’ of operating means that we have the contacts, the experience and the expertise to find you the right insurance at the right price. Whether you’re looking for a drone insurance package that includes public liability insurance for commercial use, or you just want to protect your drone and don’t want to include it as part of your home contents insurance, we can help.

Our position as preferred brokers to some of the UK’s largest insurance providers means we can find a policy that includes everything from like-for-like replacement, multiple unit policies (if you have more than one drone) and personal liability cover for your own peace of mind.

To find out more about drone insurance deals from Park Insurance, call us today and talk to one of our friendly advisers.

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