Ice cream van insurance

If you own an ice cream van then it’s naturally more than just a simple mode of transport, it’s the means of making your livelihood. Therefore the risks that are present and the steps that you should take to protect against them are also very different from those provided for by ordinary vehicle insurance. You need specialist ice cream van insurance that gives you the cover, the reassurance and the protection you and your business needs.

What are the risks?

As with any type of insurance, determining what needs to be included in your ice cream van insurance policy comes down to knowing and understanding the risks present for not just your vehicle but your business. Key risks include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Theft of or vandalism to vehicle
  • Damage/ theft affecting stock or equipment
  • Litigation resulting from product sales

Dedicated insurance for icecream vans

In line with these risks, your ice cream van insurance policy clearly needs to have a number of components to give you all-round protection:

Fully comprehensive vehicle insurance – Without your vehicle you cannot do business, so it needs to be fully protected against all risks. Your insurance should cover you for any damage caused to your vehicle or others in an accident, and for theft and/or damage to your ice cream van.

Product liability – Although ice cream is generally thought of as a relatively safe food product, improper storage and handling can still result in food poisoning. The bacteria listeria moncytogenes can be found in dairy foods such as ice cream, and is particularly hardy against refrigeration. The financial consequences of a single incident of food poisoning, or worse, a wide-scale outbreak, can be devastating. Product liability insurance will cover you in the event that you’re sued for compensation.

Public liability – As an ice cream vendor you’re in contact with the public on a daily basis, and there are additional risks related to your van, equipment and practices that you need to protect yourself against.

Employer’s Liability – If you have other people working for you then you are required to have employer’s liability insurance by law. In addition to that, employer’s liability will protect you in the event that one of your employees suffers an accident and pursues compensation.

At Park Insurance we can provide all of these at a competitive rate, within an ice cream van insurance policy that is tailored to you. Get in touch for a chat about your needs and for your no-obligation quote.