How Hair And Beauty Businesses Can Harness The Power Of Social Media To Increase Customers

Word of mouth has always been the best way to find new clients for your hair and beauty business. In the old days, all you could do was keep your fingers crossed that your customers would tell
their friends and family about you. Now, social media puts you in more control.


If you want to use social media to increase customers for your salon, but don’t know what to do, this guide will get you started.


Why should I use social media?

Whether you’re a mobile hairdresser or run a chain of salons, social media is a must-try in your quest to increase your regular client-base.


There are lots of good reasons why hair and beauty businesses should be using social media to advertise, including:

  • 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice. If you’re not online, you’re missing a trick.
  • It’s free. You will need to invest some of your time, but you don’t need to use paid-for channels to see a business boost.
  • You can tap into the networks of your existing clients to instantly get your business name out there to potential new clients.
  • It helps to build trust and goodwill with existing clients, confirming them as regulars and maybe tempting them to try new services.


What is the best social media site to use to promote my hair and beauty salon?

There are lots of different social media sites to choose from, although Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are among the most popular for business. Depending on the sort of beauty business you run and the services you offer, you might find different channels will work better for you.


For example, the public goes to Instagram and Pinterest for beautiful photos and inspiration. If you are a hairdresser, you could promote your wedding hair service on these sites with some gorgeous shots of your work. When brides-to-be are searching for ideas for themselves, you’ll be popping up in front of them.


Facebook is another excellent choice for promoting your beauty business for free. Every day, 17% of the world’s population logs on to Facebook. That’s going to include many of your clients and their friends and family. There are also local forums you can join, just for people in your local area.


Advice for setting up a social media account for your beauty salon

  • If you already have personal social media accounts, it’s a good idea to keep your business accounts separate.
  • Always keep it professional – think carefully before you post to make sure what you’re saying is appropriate for your business.


You can still make the best use that you can of your own personal network as you can like and share your business posts from your personal account.


What should I post on social media?

Spend a few minutes jotting down ideas for the sorts of things you could share on social media.

  • If you have a new service to offer, get a photo and share details.
  • If you want to promote wedding hair or make-up in time for the season, get photos and share these.
  • Or maybe you’ll be using a new product? If so, get a photo and share.


Social media is also a great place to showcase the people behind your business too. It can boost your position as an industry expert or show you play an active role in the local community. For example, if you or a staff member wins a hairdressing competition, share the news. Or if they do something for charity, share that too.


More ideas and inspiration:

  • Put together a portfolio of your best work (ask friends or family to model hairstyles or make-up looks) to put online. Your account can be your shop window. If a new client sees a look they like, they may book in to get the same look for themselves.
  • You can also share other people’s posts on your feed. Follow people you respect in your industry. Sharing these posts shows that you’re following the latest trends in the beauty world.
  • See what people react to most and do more of the same. For example, if you always get a positive response to photos of wedding hair ideas, do more of the same.


Don’t forget you’re trying to get new customers, so include a link to your website or your telephone number to make it easier for new clients to get in touch.


How to get seen on social media

People use hashtags in social media to search for relevant information. If you start using hashtags in your posts, you can potentially get your post seen by thousands of people.


Luckily, finding appropriate hashtags to use is relatively straightforward. Take a look at the hashtags being used by other similar businesses or your target audience. You can also use a site like Hashtagify to find relevant, popular hashtags to use.


How to get more followers on Facebook

The more Facebook followers that you have, the more people will see your business. Here are some quick tips to boost your followers:


  • Encourage engagement – if one of your customers has 3,000 followers and they mention your salon, all those followers will see your business = free advertising
  • People love to share photos of themselves looking perfect on social media. If you see someone taking a photo after you’ve given them a blow-dry, ask them to tag your salon name! Or if they’re taking a selfie of their new make-up look, don’t be afraid to ask for a tag. Most clients will be happy to.
  • Run competitions. Ask people to like and share to be in with a chance of winning. The prize could be a free treatment or a sample of a new product you are using.
  • Ask all your friends and family and existing customers to follow and share your page.
  • Don’t forget your team. Ask your staff to like and share your posts, and you’ll reach their networks too.


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