What insurance do I need to drive my quad bike?

Do you or don’t you need quad bike insurance? The rules around insuring your quad bike can be a bit of a grey area. And even if you don’t legally need insurance, it could still be the right option for you. To make your life easier, this quick-read guide outlines everything you need to know about quad insurance. Read on to discover if you legally need insurance for your quad bike. And we explain your cover options and how to get the best price deal.

Insuring your quad bike for how you use it

With a Ferrari engine and costing a cool £167,000, the Wazuma V8 lays claim to being the world’s most expensive quad bike. It has a top speed of 150mph, but you’d need a racetrack, or a very large field, to put it to the test. Whilst your quad bike might not be quite in that league, the right level of insurance to protect your finances is essential for your peace of mind. Whether you’re racing your ATV, using it for work or just for fun you need insurance cover to match your individual needs. Speak to an insurance broker with specialist quad bike experience, like Park Insurance, to find the best value insurance cover for the way you want to use your bike.


Do I have to insure my quad bike?

Quad bikes are a practical choice for the many people who work on farms, small-holdings or large estates. They’re a quick and easy way to carry feed or herd the sheep. And they can also be a whole lot of fun after a busy day of work. But they’re not just the preserve of farmers and agricultural workers. More and more leisure riders are buying atv’s for some all-terrain weekend entertainment. And many are capable of providing high-octane thrills on as well as off road.

Because of the many different ways quad bikes are used, there can be confusion over exactly what paperwork you need to drive your quad bike legally and safely. Not all atvs have to be insured by law. And getting the right level of insurance can be complicated, especially if you do want to drive on the road, for example to get between fields.

When is quad bike insurance a legal essential?

If you have a road legal quad bike, it is classed as a motor vehicle. That means, if you drive it on the road or in a public place, you are legally obliged to hold a minimum of third party insurance. If you don’t, you are committing a traffic offence. That can mean a £300 fine and six penalty points on your licence. Your case could also go to court and you may have the vehicle seized, face a larger fine or even be disqualified from driving.

Riding your quad bike at public events

Quad bikes are a quick and easy way to get around large events, for example at country shows. Even if they take place on private land, a show is considered a public place. So if you’re riding your quad bike at an event, you’ll need public liability insurance (third-party insurance).

What does third party quad insurance cover me for?

Third party insurance protects you from claims from other people if they are injured or their property is damaged by something to do with your quad bike. It does not cover you for any damage sustained to your quad bike if you have an accident. It also does not cover you if your quad bike is stolen. Given the high cost of repairs or replacement, comprehensive insurance can give much greater peace of mind.

Can I drive a non-road legal quad bike on the road as long as I have insurance?

No. You can only drive your quad bike on the road if it meets specific road safety standards and is considered road legal. As well as insurance, you will need all the other paperwork you’d expect for a motor vehicle. That includes registering it with the DVLA, tax, an MOT, and you’ll need a full car driving licence or B1 motorcycle licence.

What insurance do I need for my road legal quad bike if I only use it off road?

If you have a road legal bike, but never drive it in a public place or in the road, you don’t legally have to take out insurance. However, there are lots of good reasons why you might want to take out insurance any way. For example, to pay for a replacement if it is stolen or damaged.

You can take out specialist off-road quad bike insurance. This tends to be cheaper than standard on-road quad insurance because it won’t normally included third-party public liability cover.

Paperwork like a driving licence and tax are also not necessary if you only use your quad bike off road. But it can be a good idea to use The DVLA’s Off-Road Register to record details of your quad bike, which can be invaluable to help the Police if it is stolen.

What are my insurance options?

Even if you don’t legally have to take out insurance, there can still be many reasons why it’s a good idea. Quad bikes are a prime target for theft. If you rely on your atv for work, it can be reassuring to know it can be replaced right away. And if you’ve spent out a lot of cash to buy it, it can be reassuring to know that investment is protected.

In some cases your quad bike may be included in your home and outbuildings insurance. But you should always check this with your broker and beware of any exclusions. Otherwise you could be in for a nasty shock. For example, your quad bike may only be insured whilst it is locked in a shed, not whilst it’s being used. And your home insurer may set a maximum limit on single items or the total contents of your outbuildings, and the value of your atv may exceed that limit. It’s always better to check first exactly what cover you have in place. There’s no point paying out extra for separate quad bike insurance if you don’t need it. But you also do not want to be left uninsured.

Quad bike theft

Vehicle tracking and recovery specialists TRACKER highlight that quad bike thefts have risen by an alarming 80% in some parts of the UK. Quad bikes are easy to steal and easy to sell on, making them a common target for thieves. Farm buildings are often targeted by professional gangs and quad bikes are stolen to order. And angle grinders can make short work or locks and padlocks.

Taking out comprehensive quad bike insurance will protect you financially if your quad is stolen. You’ll be able to go out and buy a replacement, so you can get back to work like normal as quickly as possible.

Damage to property or injury to people

Unfortunately accidents can, and do, happen. If you’re driving your quad bike on a field with public footpath and there is an accident involving a member of the public, you could be sued for damages. If you have quad insurance with legal assistance, it will pay your legal fees to defend any claim brought against you. It will also pay out any compensation awarded.

Personal accident cover

Because quad bikes don’t have a roll bar or cab, there’s no protection if you roll over or crash. That means injuries can be more severe if something does go wrong. As a result , you may decide to take out personal accident cover as part of your insurance package. This can compensate you if you injure yourself badly. There are also options for financial payouts if you are unable to work for a period of time as a result of an injury sustained whilst riding your quad bike.

Race or track day cover

Not all quad bikes are used to help out on the land. More and more motor sports enthusiasts have a quad bike or atv for racing. But if you race your atv, you’ll need specialist insurance cover. This covers you if another person is injured, or property damaged, by something to do with your quad bike. It can also pay out if you crash and need to repair or replace your atv.

Riding your quad bike safely

The most common causes of serious injury linked to quad bikes are:

  • Rider is thrown off if the atv overturns.
  • Rider is trapped and crushed under the atv if it rolls over.
  • Impact of collision into something, for example a tree or fence.
  • Pedestrians who are struck by the quad bike.

To ride safe, always wear protective clothing, including a helmet, when you ride your atv.

There are other steps you can take to ride as safely as possible, including:

  • Slow down your speed.
  • Take the time to learn to ride the quad bike properly.
  • Make sure any loads you are towing are evenly weighted.
  • Don’t overload the quad bike.
  • Take account of rough or uneven ground and avoid ruts and bumps.
  • Take especial care when riding up or down slopes.
  • Undertake regular maintenance of your quad bike. Pay particular attention to things like tyre pressure and brakes to ensure they are working properly.

How can I keep my quad bike safe and secure?

Farmer’s Weekly reports that every week,15 quad bikes are stolen form UK farms. Unfortunately, quad bikes are relatively easy to steal and easy to sell on. But there are steps you can take to make it harder for the thieves!

  • Get a tracking device fitted.
  • When you’re not using it, keep it in a locked garage or barn.
  • Invest in high quality immobilisers, like a ground anchor or padlock.
  • Don’t leave your quad bike keys on display at home. Many home burglaries are carried out specifically to get keys to vehicles, including quad bikes. If possible, keep them in a locked cabinet.
  • Give your bike a unique mark and take a photo. That way, if it is stoleb, it is easier to identify it.
  • Use the DVLA’s Off-Road Register.
  • If you have to park your quad bike when you’re out and about, leave it in a well lit place and lock it to something that can’t move.

Quad Bike Insurance

Which insurance companies will cover my on-road or off-road quad bike?

Because quad bikes are considered specialist vehicles, it can be trickier to find the right insurance. You’ll need to speak to a specialist provider or independent broker, like Park insurance. When you speak to our team, we’ll know exactly what questions to ask you, so we can find the most appropriate cover for you, at the best price. That means you can be reassured you’re going to get insurance you can rely on.

How can I reduce my quad bike insurance premiums?

  • Don’t just accept the first quote you get. Shop around by speaking to as many different insurance companies as you can. Alternatively, get an independent broker like Park insurance to do this for you.
  • Talk to specialist insurers, like Park Insurance, who understand the different ways that quad bikes can be used.
  • Look for a tailored insurance package that covers you for the area you need, without you spending more on cover you don’t need.
  • Tell your broker about any additional security systems you have in place, such as a ground anchor with chain and lock, an alarm or tracking device that you have fitted.
  • Always lock your atv up when it’s not in use. Building up a good no-claims record can mean better discounts on your premium.

Finding cheap quad insurance

Our specialist vehicle team at Park Insurance has been helping quad bike owners to find great value insurance for many years. We’re a Bristol-based, family-run business that has been established for over 30 years for your peace of mind. Our expert team is on hand to talk you through what you do (and don’t!) need and we know exactly where to look to negotiate the best deal. Call us today on 0117 955 6835 or get in touch to find out more.