15 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Holiday Insurance Quotes

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It’s that time of year for you to stop dreaming and start booking next year’s holiday. And that means it’s also time for you to get your holiday insurance quotes. Make sure you get the best prices on reliable cover when you’re aware of these 15 common mistakes we all make with travel insurance.

1) Forgetting to buy it or renew it

£60,000 for an air ambulance to get back to the UK from the USA. £125,000 for surgery following an accident during a holiday in Turkey. With numbers like these from The Association of British Insurers, the biggest mistake you can make with holiday insurance quotes is to forget to buy it. Costs for even basic treatment can be eye-watering. And that just adds to the stress when something goes wrong on your holiday.

2) Thinking you don’t need it

Yes, you could chance it – but can you really afford to take that chance? As already highlighted above, the costs of treatment for illness and injury abroad can be huge. And it’s not just medical fees that are covered. Your holiday insurance quote can also cover lost or stolen passports, money, baggage and personal possessions. And it can pay out if your flight is cancelled or if you can’t travel due to unforeseen circumstances. Over 1,300 travellers are helped every day by insurance companies. And every year insurance companies pay out £370 million to travellers. That holiday insurance quote doesn’t seem quite so big now.

3) My bank covers me – doesn’t it?

Yes, travel insurance cover is offered by some bank accounts. But make sure that you check that it is still current (banks have a nasty habit of changing benefits). And don’t forget to check in the small print in case any exclusions apply or there are any limits that aren’t acceptable.

4) Changing your travel plans but not your insurance 

If you’ve already got annual cover so that will be fine – right? No – If your travel plans have changed since you took out annual cover, check for any exclusions just in case your new plans aren’t covered. For example, are you travelling to a destination not included in your current cover? Or are you planning any exempt activities?

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 5) Buying your insurance from your travel agent

It’s easy to buy your insurance direct from your travel agent or travel company. But beware, this insurance does not always represent the best value for money.

6) Skimping on cover

If your holiday insurance quotes seem expensive, it  can be tempting to skimp on the amounts covered or to omit extras like trip curtailment or baggage cover. But stop and think about the longer-term costs. A few pounds saved here could cost you big in the long run.

7) Paying too much

Almost as bad as skimping, is paying for more than you need. In some cases, you may already have insurance cover for things like personal possessions through your home insurance. Check with a broker.

8) Thinking an EHICC means you don’t need insurance

A European Health Insurance Card entitles you to the same healthcare as residents in countries in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. But the government state that is isn’t intended as an alternative to holiday insurance. If you’re travelling to one of these countries, it’s definitely worth taking out as it is free. And some travel insurance companies will waive any excess if you use one of the cards for treatment and make a claim.

9) Not getting insurance for UK holidays

Just because you’re planning a staycation, it doesn’t mean you should forget insurance. Travel costs can be high (especially if you’re flying to the Scilly Isles) and so can accommodation. Don’t risk losing this investment.

10) Not checking the small print

As with all insurance, take care to check the small print before you buy. Price comparison websites can be a handy way check prices, but sometimes what you originally specify can become changed. That means you could end up taking out insurance that doesn’t give you the cover you want.

11) Automatically buying the cheapest option

Don’t just go for the cheapest option. And don’t just do the British thing of going for the second cheapest either! Carefully look through your options to make sure you’re comparing like for like cover.

12) Not checking the ‘dangerous sports’ category

Do you think golf is only dangerous for your wallet? Think again. Some travel insurance companies include golf on their list of dangerous sports. Check carefully through what sports activities are permitted or you could invalidate your insurance.

13) Failing to declare a medical condition

It’s essential to be totally honest about all pre-existing medical conditions. If you don’t, your holiday insurance will be invalidated. Certain conditions may mean you’ll pay out more for your insurance cover. But it will be a lot less than having to pay for any treatment or repatriation costs when you’re abroad.

14) Forgetting the kids

If you’re taking out family cover, don’t forget to add your children’s details to your policy. Just because they are your children, they are not automatically covered by these policies. You’ll need to specify their details.

15) Buying travel insurance just before you go

The best time to buy travel insurance is as soon as possible after booking your holiday. That way, if anything happens that could affect your plans – such as an illness or change of travel advice for your destination – you’ll be able to claim back the costs.

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