Five ways caravan parks can provide better value to visitors

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In virtually all sectors these days, there’s a high amount of competition, and businesses that want to succeed must offer something above and beyond their rivals. In the UK leisure and tourism industry, this is especially true, with caravan parks having to fight off competition not just from other caravan parks and from hotels, B&B’s and the like, but also from cheap overseas package deals in warmer climates.

As with other sectors though, the key to making sure that your caravan park prospers in the face of such fierce competition is not to worry about what the others are doing, but instead to focus on providing a high level of value to your visitors. Here are five ways that you can do just that.

1. Offer affordable food and drink – These days many people are watching their budgets, even while they’re on holiday. At the same time though, they’d generally prefer not to have to prepare food for themselves, and would like to enjoy a nice meal out in a pleasant environment. By providing tasty yet affordable food in your on-site restaurant or bar you can satisfy both their need to save money and their desire to enjoy dining out.

2. Provide entertainment – While some people just want a base to sleep in their caravan, others expect something more from the caravan park they stay in. By providing a range of family-friendly entertainment, such as live music performances, variety shows or even film screenings, you can significantly boost the perceived value that people take from staying at your caravan site. When undertaking any new form of entertainment on your site, take care to make sure that it’s covered by your caravan park insurance policy.

3. Offer deals in conjunction with local attractions – Visiting fun and interesting local attractions is the stuff that holidays are made of. Consider approaching local attractions with an eye to jointly offering special deals such as discounts or 2 for 1 tickets to your guests. Such a deal will be beneficial to both you and the attraction, and will provide even further value to your visitors, both in terms of their enjoyment and in actually saving money.

4. Aim to offer unparalleled levels of customer service – It’s not just the environment of your park or the standard of your caravans that will determine your guests’ enjoyment of their stay, it’s also the level of service that they receive from your staff at all points during their stay. Something as simple as a smile can help to make someone’s holiday that little bit more pleasant, while anything that causes your customer’s frustration or annoyance can leave a black mark that may affect whether they choose to return to your park or recommend it to friends. You might consider creating a code of conduct or guidelines for all your staff, as well as providing extra training.

5. Offer discounts for returning customers – If people wish to return to your caravan park year after year then you must be doing something right, and you might consider rewarding them with vouchers or booking codes that will give them money off the next time they book a stay with you. As well as rewarding those who would have returned anyway, this approach can also help to encourage return visitors amongst those who might have gone elsewhere.

Providing greater levels of value to your customers is a great way to differentiate yourself and to boost visitor numbers. In doing so though, check that any changes you make are covered by your caravan park insurance. Do get in touch with us if you need any advice regarding your caravan park insurance.

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