Five Driving Instructor Insurance Tips From Driving Instructor Insurance Experts

driving instructor insurance

Are you one of the UK’s 39,373 Approved Driving Instructors? Or are you thinking of joining their ranks? With the average person requiring 45 hours on the road training with an approved driving instructor before they pass their test, you’ll know this is a potentially lucrative career. But there are also many risks. Make sure you’re protected financially from what can go wrong with our top 5 driving instructor insurance tips:

1) Don’t fall into the no car = no income trap

For most of us when our car needs to go into a garage for repairs it is annoying and inconvenient. But when you’re a driving instructor you rely on your car for your livelihood. Skimping on insurance can cost you a lot more in the long run if you’re left out of action for a long time. Make sure you use a specialist insurance company that understands your situation and can deal with claims quickly and efficiently. And check if you’ll have access to a similar vehicle whilst yours is off the road. That way you can keep on earning and maintain your reputation even if an accident does happen.

2) Shield yourself from legal claims against you

We live in a no-win, no-fee claims culture. This makes it easy for customers, employees and the general public to make a claim against you if something happens.

You can be faced with costs for claims ranging from personal injury as a result of an accident to damage caused to property, for example, your car crashes through someone’s garden gate. With the right insurance, you can relax knowing that all legal costs, including any money awarded in compensation, is covered.

And don’t forget that if you employ any members of staff (including part-time or sub-contracted employees) you must hold Employer’s Liability Insurance. You are required to hold Employer’s Liability Insurance by law, and if you don’t have it you can be fined.

3) Protect your home and family

As well as thinking about your clients, employees and other road users, you also need to think about yourself and your family. Unfortunately, as a driving instructor, you’re at greater risk than many of being in an accident. No matter how great an instructor you are, the reality is that you’re letting inexperienced drivers take control and they’re more likely to have a crash.

So what happens if you’re in an accident and can’t work for a period of time as a result? As long as you have robust personal injury cover, you’ll be able to take the recovery time you need without worrying about whose going to pay the bills. Speak to your broker to make sure this essential cover is in place for your peace of mind.

4) Opt for flexible cover for the best price

What’s so great about flexible cover? Well, it’s designed to fit your exact needs, and can also change if you need it to. With flexible cover, you can tailor-make your policy so you only pay for what you need. But it can also change if you need it to, for example your business expands and you take on an additional driver.

Your tailor-made driving instructor insurance package can include:

  • Driving Instructor Car Insurance
  • Dual Controlled Car Insurance
  • ADI Insurance
  • PDI Insurance
  • Driving School Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Breakdown Cover for Driving Instructors
  • Gap Insurance for Dual Controlled Cars
  • Public Liability Insurance for Driving Instructors

5) Speak to a specialist driving instructor insurance broker

Driving Instructors have varying insurance needs, and the options can be confusing to say the least. To make life easier, and for reassurance you’ve got the right level of cover, speak to a specialist driving instructor insurance broker like Park Insurance. We have 30 years experience helping driving instructors and driving schools to get the right insurance at the best price. We can guide you towards options that can save you money. For example:

  • If you’re a driving school, you might want to take out a policy that covers all your drivers in one policy. This can be cheaper than forking out for individual cover
  • Breakdown cover for driving instructors can be cheaper when purchased together with your insurance
  • If you’ve taken out a hire purchase agreement to fund your dual controlled car, you need to consider gap insurance. This pays you the difference between what your car insurer will pay out in the event of your car being written off or stolen and either the original amount you paid for it or the amount you owe to a car finance company

And we’ll always make sure that you have the level of cover you need so you don’t get any nasty surprises if you do need to make a claim. For example:

  • If you have a dual controlled car, we’ll make sure this modification is correctly specified so you don’t find your insurance invalidated

Get in touch or talk to our expert team on 0117 955 6835 for more information and a free quote. You can also pop over to our blog for more helpful tips and advice on everything you need to think about if you are a driving instructor or run a driving school.