What Insurance Do I Need to Drive a Quad Bike? Everything you need to know to get the best cover

quad bike insurance

Quad bikes. They can be very practical, but also a lot of fun. And many are capable of providing these thrills on as well as off road. But there can be confusion over exactly what paperwork you need to drive legally and safely. And getting the right level of insurance can be complicated, especially if you want to ride one on the road. Read our guide to the best quad bike insurance for peace of mind you’re covered.

Insuring your quad bike for how you use it

With a Ferrari engine and costing a cool £167,000, the Wazuma V8 lays claim to being the world’s most expensive quad bike. It has a top speed of 150mph, but you’d need a racetrack, or a very large field, to put it to the test. Whilst your quad bike might not be quite in that league, the right level of insurance to protect your finances is essential for your peace of mind. Whether you’re racing your ATV, using it for work or just for fun you need insurance cover to match your individual needs. Speak to an insurance broker with specialist quad bike experience, like Park Insurance, to find the best value insurance cover for the way you want to use your bike.

Do I have to insure my quad bike?

If you have a road legal quad bike, it is classed as a motor vehicle. If you drive it on the road or in a public place, you are legally obliged to hold a minimum of third party insurance. If you don’t, you are committing a traffic offence. That can mean a £300 fine and six penalty points on your licence. Your case could also go to court and you may have the vehicle seized, face a larger fine or even be disqualified from driving.

Driving your quad bike on the road

You can only drive your quad bike on the road if it meets road safety standards and is considered road legal. As well as insurance, you will need all the paperwork you’d expect for a motor vehicle. That includes registering it with the DVLA, tax, an MOT and you’ll need a full car driving licence or B1 motorcycle licence.

What does third party quad bike insurance cover me for?

Third party insurance protects you from claims from other people if they are injured or their property is damaged by something to do with your quad bike. It does not cover you for any damage sustained to your quad bike if you have an accident. It also does not cover you if your quad bike is stolen. Given the high cost of repairs or replacement, comprehensive insurance can give much greater peace of mind.

Comprehensive quad bike insurance

Last year, vehicle tracking and recovery specialists TRACKER revealed that quad bike thefts had risen by an alarming 80% in some parts of the UK. Comprehensive quad bike insurance covers you if your quad bike is stolen. It covers the cost of repairs or replacement if you have an accident and it is damaged. And it covers you for claims from others who have sustained an injury or damage to property.

What insurance do I need for my quad bike if I only use it off road?

Paperwork like a driving licence and tax are not necessary if you only use your quad bike off road. But it can be a good idea to The DVLA’s Off-Road Register records details of your quad bike, which can be invaluable to help the Police if it is stolen. Insurance isn’t a legal obligation but could be considered prudent to protect you financially if your quad bike is damaged or stolen.

Protect your quad bike from theft

Quad bikes are easy to steal and easy to sell on, making them a common target for thieves. Comprehensive quad bike insurance will protect you financially from theft. Taking steps to ensure your quad bike is secure when not in use, such as keeping it in a locked garage can help to keep the cost of premiums down.

Finding cheap quad bike insurance

Because quad bikes are considered specialist vehicles, it can be trickier to find the right insurance. Speak to an independent insurance broker with experience finding the best value quad bike insurance, like Park Insurance. We’ve been helping people to find the right level of cover at the best value prices for over 30 years. Our expert team is on hand to talk you through what you do (and don’t!) need and we know exactly where to look to negotiate the best deal. Call us today on 0117 955 6835 or get in touch to find out more.