Canoeing Insurance: What You Need To Know

canoe on water canoe insurance

Hurtling down rapids or gently paddling along, canoeing is a fun way to get out on the water. Unfortunately, it’s not always plain sailing. Things can go wrong, and your kit can be damaged. Or you, or someone else, could suffer an injury. But with the right canoe insurance you can get back to splashing around safe in the knowledge that you’re financially protected.

What does canoe insurance cover?

Canoe or kayak insurance can cover:

  • Your canoe, and other related bits of equipment, if it is damaged or stolen
  • You. For example, if you have an accident that results in death or serious injury, personal accident insurance offers a pay out. This can give you extra peace of mind, especially if you have dependents
  • Someone else’s property. For example, if you cause an accident whilst canoeing that damages someone else’s property, such as a boat, public liability insurance will pay for any legal costs to defend your case, as well as any compensation awarded
  • Someone else. For example, if you cause an accident whilst canoeing that results in death or injury to someone else, public liability insurance will pay for any solicitor fees and compensation pay outs

Do I have to have specialist canoe insurance?

You do not have to insure your canoe or kayak against damage or theft, so that is up to you to decide if it is worth it. However, certain waterways in the UK do require you to hold third party public liability insurance of at least £1million. Proof of this insurance is required to hold the appropriate licence, that allows you to use the waterway. Small vessels, like canoes, that are only used occasionally can be covered by a Short Term Visitor Licence. For more information on the best licence for you, and the insurance requirements to get a licence, visit the Canal and River Trust

Is my canoe or kayak covered by my home insurance?

Canoes will not always be covered under standard home insurance, so speak to your broker to find out. If it is included, make sure the value limit is at an appropriate level. And also check if it is covered when it’s away from the home. If not, you could be in for a nasty shock.

Canoe and kayak insurance add ons:

  • Cover in transit. Yes, canoes can drop off the back of your car if they’re not secured properly. And yes, it has been known for canoes to get knocked by low trees or access bars over car park entrances!
  • Racing/competition cover. Obviously, the conditions during a race are more risky. Additional insurance needs to be taken out if you plan to compete.
  • European cover. If you plan on taking your canoe with you overseas, make sure it is covered by adding European cover.
  • White water cover. Thrill seekers who head for the rapids will understand that there are more risks involved with paddling through white water. You’ll need specialist insurance if you plan to take on the challenge.
  • Accidental damage. Accidents happen. If you want to be covered for damage you might cause to your canoe by accident, opt for accidental damage.

How can I get cheap canoeing insurance?

  • Look for a tailored policy so you only pay for what you need.
  • Consider higher excesses. These can reduce your premium, but make sure you don’t opt for such a high excess that it negates the point of taking out insurance
  • Multiple canoe discounts. If you have more than one canoe or kayak that you want to insure, you could get a discount
  • Shop around for the best price. Insurance is calculated based on risk. As different insurance companies use different calculations, there can be a big difference between costs, even for similar or identical policies. That means it always pays to call as many insurance companies as you can to make sure you’re getting the best price. If you don’t have the time, or don’t know where to look, use an expert broker like Park Insurance

 What isn’t covered?

Every insurance policy will have different exclusions. Make sure you read the small print before you sign up, or ask your broker to run through it with you so you’re clear.

Get in touch for cheap canoe insurance you can trust

If you’re ringing around looking for the best price, beware of the very cheapest canoe insurance premiums as there could be something missing. Instead, call our specialist canoe insurance team at Park Insurance. We’re a family-run business with 30 years experience that you can trust. We are independent brokers, so we’re free to get prices from any insurance company. But as we hold preferred broker status with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies, we’re in a strong position to negotiate hard on your behalf to get you the best deal we can. Call us now on 0117 955 6835 or get in touch.